2010 Presentation

Mapping and analysis of textbooks for graphs and related activities using GNOWSYS

Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, TIFR, Mumbai, India 

We present here an attempt to map the syllabus of the NCERT textbooks for topics and activities related to graphs. The sample textbooks that we have considered for the analysis are the NCERT textbooks from Grade 5 to Grade 10, in the subjects of Science, Mathematics and Social Sciences. First we list the occurrences of graphs and related activities in the textbooks. In the second part we provide a qualitative analyis of the data collected in the first part. We then create a conceptual road map for these occurrences. In this we are using the Gnowledge Networking and Organizing System [GNOWSYS], developed in the Gnowledge Lab of HBCSE, to develop a mapping of the graphical practices in the textbook sample. The progress of the same is reported here.

Keywords: textbook analysis, curriculum mapping, graphicacy, graphs, textbooks, concept maps, middle school


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Thesis advisor: Nagarjuna G.
Discussant: Chitra Natarajan