2020 Panel Discussion

Ethical Practices in Education Research

May 28 | 12:00 pm – 01:00 pm

This discussion attempts to create a platform for the HBCSE research community to synthesize the collective’s understanding and experiences with ethics in research. It is aimed at bringing to the fore the concerns and dilemmas researchers may have regarding ethical practices and understanding of common standards in ethics research. Researchers will share their respective experiences and explore canonical understandings and practices in ethics.

         The discussion, thus, will mainly involve:

  • Shedding light on existing ethical standards and practices in research
  • Researchers’ encounters with ethics, the challenges they face in their research and their ways of dealing with them
  • Problematizing existing ideas on ethics and bringing out the tensions and dilemmas that lie between standards and field experiences
  • Addressing questions that fellow researchers may have


The discussion will be led by three panelists: research scholar Shikha Takker, postdoctoral researcher Dr. Reema Mani and Prof.(Miss). A. Mani, and will be moderated by research scholar Chaitanya Ursekar. The moderator will open the discussion and pose some guiding questions that elicit the panelists’ insights. The panelists will then give their responses on the topic for around ten minutes each after which the webinar will be open for questions by fellow researchers who may be attending.

Thematic Guidelines/Questions

  • Are there existing standards on ethics in education research? If yes, what is their role and what are some key ideas of their functioning? How do these standards change with the nature of research being done ?
  • What do we know about ethical practices in research institutes in India, especially areas related to education research?
  • How was your experience in research with respect to ethics? What guidelines did you follow?
  • Were there any challenges that you faced regarding ethical considerations in your research? How did you deal with them?
  • What are your thoughts on tensions that may emerge in the divide between standards and field experiences?

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